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About us

The initial building of our facility is from 1929, assembled by Mr. Agustín Espuny Aleixendri, great-grandfather of the generation that today works in OLEICFAT, which was founded in 1996.


Espuny’s facilities in Puente Genil have always been related to olive oil and its derivatives, so we have reached a high degree of specialization and know-how.
Oleicfat’s philosophy is to provide a dynamic, efficient and fast service through a close relationship with customers and suppliers.

Innovation taking into account our origin

August 31, 2018
september 20, 2019
january 14, 2020
february 29, 2020

Innovation and sustainability

All of our products are supplied worldwide and to several industrialsectors: chemistry, mining, tanning, etc. Thanks to our philosophycontinuous improvement, we can also offer a range of olive squalene food grade, as a food supplement

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OLEICFAT offers a tailor-made logistics solution for our clients, but aware that there may be better offers, we also offer our clients the possibility of picking up the product directly at our facilities.


Oleicfat is an industry located in the Cordoba municipality of Puente Genil but with a global mentality. We continue with the maxim of sustainable development: Think globally, act locally.

Oleicfat’s philosophy

Our philosophy

Oleicfat’s philosophy is to provide a dynamic, efficient and fast service with a close relationship with customers and suppliers.

Our certifications

ECOCERT certification

What is the ECOCERT certification?


It is a rigorous process that consists of an independent and impartial certification body evaluating the conformity of a product, service or system with respect to the environmental and social requirements specified in a norm or standard. At the end of the certification process.

ISCC certification


What is the ISCC certification?

The ISCC EU is the first and main voluntary scheme based on the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED) that covers the environmental and social aspects of biomass production. It is compatible with other RED systems. In the supply chain, traceability is key to ensuring the diligence of the system.