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Our products

In Oleicfat we have a broad range of products, all it from vegetable origin and with we can cover a huge range of necessities. From products for mining to food or cosmetics products.

 In addition, following our philosophy, we care about all our products and process cause the less impact in the environment.

Whats products we offer?

At Oleicfat we offer different products depending on their applications. In addition, the production processes are different in order to guarantee a top quality in any of our products. Our principals products are:

The final purity obtained from squalene varies depending on the characteristics of the olive oil of origin, since it is a totally
natural product.

Vegetable oil obtained as a co-product of OLEICFAT’s main activity. It is a certified product according to the ISCC sustainability scheme by the Buerau Veritas company.

It has great stability and a low cloud point, which makes it recommended for multiple applications