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Olive Squalene

What is squalene?

Squalene is a polyunsaturated hydrocarbon. Its structure is similar to vitamin E, but instead of two isoprenoid groups, it contains 6 (isoprenoids are the most powerful natural antioxidants) and is also very present in nature.

Originally it began to be produced for commercial purposes from shark liver oil; However, there are also vegetable sources, highlighting the source of olive oil, which is where OLEICFAT obtains its raw material.

Oleicfat Squalene

The squalene manufactured by Oleicfat comes exclusively from olive oil. Therefore, we can certify the following:

Vgetable Origin

No contact

palm oil

Without using genetically modified products

As it is a natural product, the purity of the olive squalene varies depending on the characteristics of the olive oil produced in the corresponding season, but Oleicfat always guarantees a purity in our olive squalene of at least 92%.

The advantage of olive squalene with respect to animals is that olive squalene is a totally sustainable product, produced from derivatives of olive oil and without the impact of the overfishing of marine resources that the animal squalene need.

Types of olive squalene

At Oleicfat we offer different products depending on their applications. In addition, the production processes are different in order to guarantee a top quality in any of our products. Being all our processes with ecological certification and without leaving polluting residues. Our main products are:

Olive squalene food grade

Thanks to continuous innovation, OLEICFAT has developed its own methodology to obtain food grade olive squalene that can be used as a dietary supplement

Olive Squalene Cosmetic grade

With OLEICFAT’s degree of specialization in the manufacture of olive squalene, we see ourselves in the possibility of offering two types of squalene for the cosmetic sector